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A Marble Travelogue
A film by Sean Wang
Year|2021 Duration|99 min
Language|Chinese, English, Greek, French
Territory|The Netherlands, Hong Kong, France, Greece
World Premiere|Frontlight, IDFA


Blocks of white marble from a Greek quarry are shipped to China, where sculptors turn them into Hellenistic-style statues and columns. The leftover grit is processed into fridge magnets and other souvenirs, which are returned to Europe and sold to Chinese tourists.
Along this marble route, we meet a variety of people who play a role in the cyclical consumer chain: the Chinese businessman who’s taken over a Greek marble quarry, the workers and their children in a souvenir factory in Quanzhou, a French marble dealer based in China. The Chinesespeaking twin daughters of a Greek entrepreneur who runs a tourist and migration service are recurring characters in the film. As cultural ambassadors, they accompany their father on his business trips to the Far East.
With a light touch and wry humor, the Chinese-Dutch documentary A Marble Travelogue portrays a chain that runs from capital to manufacturing, wholesale, retail, and consumer. The film makes complex connections and highlights the European aspirations of the Chinese middle class in an unobtrusive but visually seductive style.


Sean Wang

Sean Wang is a Hui Chinese director based in Beijing. He graduated from the Communication University of China and Beijing Film Academy with a Television Directing BA and a Screenwriting MA, respectively. His first feature-length documentary LADY OF THE HARBOUR was premiered at IDFA 2017.




Marianna & Sofia Erotokritou
Andreas & Vaso Erotokritou
Zhen Congda
Laurent Sebban
Wang Xiaoying


Producers: Jia Zhao, Zijian Wang
Co-Producers: Valérie Montmartin, Rea Apostolides
Cinematographers: Xiao Xiao, Carles Muñoz Gómez-Quintero, Sean Wang
Editors: Tao Gu, Claudio Hughes, Sean Wang
Colorist: Fu Shu
Sound Design: Jeroen Goeijers
Music: Jeroen Goeijers, Soviet Pop


Frontlight, IDFA
Wide Angle Competition, Visions Du Réel
Main Competition, Thessaloniki Doc IFF
Main Competition, DOCVILLE
9TH Art of the Real

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