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Manchurian Tiger
A film by Geng Jun
Year|2021 Duration|118 min
Territory|Mainland China
World Premiere|Shanghai International Film Festival


Truck driver Xu Dong has to send his beloved dog away when his pregnant wife, Meiling, approaches her due date. By coincidence, Ma Qianli, a real estate developer heavily in debt, now becomes the new dog owner. When later confronted by debt collectors, Ma has to cook the dog to treat them. The death of the dog turns the two frustrated men into foes. Xu seeks vengeance with rage though after several failed attempts, he finds himself sympathizing with Ma’s plight and impossible to carry on with the plan. Meanwhile, Meiling finds out about Xu’s love affair.
Inextinguishable hatred spreads among the three. Just like the Manchurian tiger who has grown used to being fed by the zoo keepers, people are also trapped in their mundane absurdity of life, bathing under the sun that shines through the cage.


Geng Jun

Geng Jun grew up in Heilongjiang, China. Without any film school training, he moved to Beijing and directed many films including HAWTHORN (Short, 2002), DIARY IN BULK (Short, 2003), BARBECUE (2004), YOUTH (2008), AIRPLANE (Short, 2012) and THE HAMMER AND THE SICKLE ARE SLEEPING (Short, 2013). He gained more attention with FREE AND EASY (2016) when it won the World Cinema Dramatic Special Jury Award at Sundance Film Festival and received four major nominations at Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival including Best Film and Best Director. His most recent film MANCHURIAN TIGER (2021) won the top distinction of Golden Goblet Award for Best Feature Film at the 24th Shanghai International Film Festival.


Blackfin Production
U.Lan Media Xuzhou Co., Ltd.


Zhang Yu as Xu Dong
Ma Li as Meilin
Zhang Zhiyong as Manager Ma
Xu Gang as The Poet
Guo Yue as Xiao Wei


Executive Producer: Zhang Xianmin
Producers: Wang Zijian, Fang Qianli, Xie Meng
Co-producers: Cici Zhang, Deng Tianqing, Wang Jingjing, Guo Yunong, Meng Yeyan, Guo Tingting, Zhang Yan, Luan Shaoyi
Scriptwriters: Liu Bing, Geng Jun
Director of Photography: Wang Weihua
Production Designer: Lan Zhiqiang
Sound Supervisor: Lou Kun
Editor: Hoping Chen
Composer: Xiaoshu Amy Chen
Costume Designers: Lan Zhiqiang, Ma Zhuoming


Golden Goblet for Best Feature Film, Shanghai International Film Festival
Competition, Udine Far East Film Festival

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