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Virgin Blue
A film by Niu Xiaoyu
Year|2021 Country|China


After her college graduation, Yezi comes back home to spend her last summer vacation with her grandmother, who has been living alone ever since grandfather passed away. The house is filled with grandma’s memories that gradually begin to take on actual forms in life. Sometimes they appear as a cat, a plant or a total stranger, while at other times, they manifest themselves as grandpa or even Yezi’s childhood self. At the same time, grandma slowly slips into the abyss of amnesia and time begins to lose meaning. Haunted by those tireless memories, Yezi finds herself wandering among fragments of her family history, where she recollects a deserted childhood and befriends her own past. One night, everyone gathers by a fish pond for a grand farewell. When it seems to be another one of grandma’s dreams, all the loved ones decide to stay.


Niu Xiaoyu

NIU Xiaoyu was born in Hefei, Anhui Province, and graduated from Beijing Film Academy with a Bachelor’s degree in animation and a Master’s in experimental film. NIU Xiaoyu has independently produced two short films: Summer Fever (2013) and Summer Fever II (2017), which have been officially selected for the 10th China Independent Film Festival and the 12th FIRST International Film Festival, respectively.


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